acting lessons in rhyme

When creating character an actor must always try
To read all the script so that they can justify
Not just their lines but what other characters say
And find all the nuances and shades of real grey
Don’t get locked into a shallow stereotype
If a character calls you nice then they are right
Then weave it in and also please don’t be above
your character and mock them, you treat them with love
Discover what is at stake and what is their fear
Now know it but play their hope that they’ll persevere
Why are they talking to whom and what is their cause
Why do they stay and keep going, why do they pause
Don’t just stare at the others, and wait for your cue
Give yourself an action and find something to do.
Don’t ‘play’ an emotion, rage or celebration
It’s not more than emotional masturbation
When you work yourself up – try to cry on the stage
You are not lifting the character from the page
Find your motivation try to cause and effect
And without trying tears flow I firmly suspect
Make your character be driven and layered and shiny
Not one dimension and certainly not whiny
To see a character struggle with their feelings
Make us get involved – sends our sympathies reeling
Find “aha” moments when their thoughts suddenly hit
We love discoveries in people – love to see it
Those are some acting thoughts that I learned over time
Thought I would try to share them and do it in rhyme.

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